Our philosophy

When you come to see us in our dental office, it will be able to achieve a restoration of your natural teeth, both esthetically and functionally. Or, if required, to get new, esthetically enhanced teeth. In any case the issue is revitalisation ...


Quality and Service

You want your teeth to look beautiful and to resist all functional challenges.

To meet your expectations, the following conditions are necessary:

  • Good formation and continuing education and dedication to the profession of the dentist.
  • A dental team, a systematic organisation and a technical equipment being the base for a high-quality and well-structured treatment.
  • The use of magnifying glasses for the dental treatment, to remove even the smallest roughness and when a very detailled view is needed.
  • Clear explanation and consultation for the patient of the treatment need, also with the help of an intraoral camera.
  • Explication in plain English without using to many technical terms.
  • A systematic planning of the time needed for the appointments with some spare time - to make sure that the quality is not affected by possible stress.
  • To reserve enough time to realise an optimal and individual treatment.
  • Establishing of buffer zones in the time planning system reserved only for urgent cases to avoid "fitting in" of emergency treatments. This means, that waiting time can be minimised and the planned appointments can begin on time.
  • A cooperating patient, who is as keen as the dentist.

Systematic and Precise Treatment Planning

An independent consultation area allows for a stress-free and easy conversation between patient and professional.
This is where the dentist can find out the patient´s needs and requirements.
The results of all diagnostic findings including images of the intraoral camera and digital x-rays can be discussed in a relaxed ambience.
At the end of the consultation there will be an individual treatment plan, adjusted to your personal needs.
After the consultation we will immediately make an appointment according to the treatment plan, the following appointments to be scheduled as you wish.